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Repainting a GSX1100E Tank. Part 3 The lettering

I had a digital photo of the tank which I opened in Paint Shop Pro, I think I used Figure 1 page 1. I drew a vector line around each letter and with the node editing facility corrected the distortion. The corrected writing was resized to size and printed on normal white paper. To mask the lettering I use Frisk(get it in art shop) masking film. Tape the frisk onto the paper so you can see all of the letters then tape that down onto something. Get a nice fresh scalpel -an 11 is nice for this- and cut around the letters. You now have your stencil/mask for the letters. Frisk is quite low tack and can be removed and put back, but keep the backing on the mask as any dirt/dust and you will blow it off when you spray over it.

I removed the masking from the tank so I could get a good idea of where to place the letters, if the stencil goes round any compound curves you will have to cut it so it doesn't pucker, if you distort it you will find edges lift and you get curved words/lines. Once the stencil is in place I go over the edges with the smooth end of the scalpel to make sure it's well stuck down. then mask the whole tank off so all thats exposed is the bit for the paint. The original letters had red pearl in them and at this stage I couldn't find the can of pearl, I had a big clear out recently, so I must have binned it. 


Figure 1. Kraft film about to be chopped out.

Figure 2. Masked.

Figure 3. striped, lettered and lacquered.

So the letters were sprayed with a couple of coats of white base coat, after a few minutes the masking was removed, half an hour later the tank was shot with three coats of Lacquer. No polishing needed.

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