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Repainting a GSX1100E Tank. Part 2 The Stripes

Before I put the mask on for the gap between the stripes I realized I made a mistake when I painted the black panel on the tank, I thought the gap between the stripes was orange, so I had to paint a black stripe between the two pieces of fine line tape before masking the gap.

 The whole tank was masked leaving the  wide -~20mm- stripe exposed, I overlapped the edges of the fineline tap with normal masking tape to prevent the possibility of a black line showing up on the orange side of the stripe.

I then sprayed a couple of light coats of black on the exposed stripe.  When the black was dry - this was polyester basecoat and on a warm day you can get away with masking over it after a few hours - I removed the tape covering the edges of the stripe and masked the gap.

I sprayed light coats of white basecoat to cover the black edges -they would show through the silver- before dusting a couple of coats of silver on. I remove the tape after about five minutes

About an hour after the stripes were painted the tank was masked, I have a very dirty garage and if left overnight the tank would pick up a lot of dust, Tak ragging metallic is out it ruins the orientation of the metal. Something I haven't tried is giving a mettalic a dusting of Laquer to protect it untill the whole thing is Lacquered.

Figure 1. tank masked exspoing 20 mm stripe.

Figure 2. removing the central mask.

Figure 3. striped.

Not a lot of things to say about this really, stripes are quite straightforward to apply. The stripes were applied in a couple of hours, that's including correcting the mistake caused when applying the black paint.

If you have to apply light colours, or just dust a few coats on and your worried about the base colour "grinning" though, obliterate the base colour with white base coat. If you are painting over a sharp transition between colours they usually show through, so some white basecoat is needed to cover them.

I use basecoats but there is no reason why you can't use any paint that doesn't react with any others in the system, I have used artists acrilic in an otherwise basecoat system and there were no problems. Usually you Lacquer basecoat within the hour, I have on occasions left it two weeks-lots of comlicated stripes to do- and it was fine I was worried about the Lacquer peeling but I had the bike back to repair some years later and the paint was fine.

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