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Snap-On Snap-Off

Some Snap-On tools are probably amongst the best quality tools you will find. In most cases they are good quality, I have just deleted some of the comments i made about the quality of a few of the things i have broken - if it has blue point on it I expect to break it.

I bought the 6mm Allen key in Figure 1 because I use a 6mm key a lot. When I bought it I thought I would replace the bit with a piece of English[Unbrako] Allen key when it broke/got chewed up. I was removing disks from a GSXR wheel and the bit twisted, a lot more than in the photo, it's possible to twist and untwist the bit! I didn't get around to putting a new bit in the socket, then I passed a Snap-On van in Dorking[I had the Allen key in my pocket] I asked the Snap-On man to replace the bit and he told me it was worn and he couldn't replace it,

The bit is worn, but I consider the twist to be a good reason to replace it. He also told me it wasn't a gold painted bit so it wasn't heavy duty and I shouldn't expect it to withstand heavy usage. Gold paint was actually visible on it at the time but after being in my pocket since May it's not visible anymore. Whatever it is it should withstand the same use that a cheapo Japanese Allen key does. which it hasn't.

This was part of a set bought at sant pod and the set cost around £175? I have had stuff replaced without question before, Is this the new generation of Snap-On man?

I have a few other broken things in one of my toolboxes, I will dig the stuff out and e-mail them and see if they will do anything about it/them.

I had a breaker bar knuckle replaced after i let it with someone for almsot 12 months, the snap on man was new and eager to please..

today i broke a ratchet, not abusing it, i had two of these and one was abused and broke instantly, so this one has never suffered..the driver/handle for the ratchet was in the hole axialy with the drive, like a crowsfoot.



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