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Cincinnati Lathe

I bought this beastie in 1979, when I needed a thread on something for a bike. I had never used a lathe before, within an hour of getting a chuck bolted on it I had started making my first threaded part; it was a riser for bike handlebars, they were intended to screw into the forklegs and replace the fork top nuts, see Figure 3 - yes I still have the original pair I made.
I have been told it is a 1907 Cincinnati 16" times 60"(toolroom model!!) that is swing times bed length; infact it will throw about 19.5" and BC is 36".

I used it to machine the landrover adapter I made, It was fine apart from not being able to bore the starter pad..

I have been to look at some lathes for sale, I havn't looked a a DSG, they all had narrow beds and small ways, almost all showed more obvious signs of wear than the cincinnati, unless they were expensive.

I was looking for a smaller lathe, so I had to have a milling machine as well to cope with larger facing and boring. I would have bought a Bridgeport and a Colchester student, I was willing to hand the dosh over, but they couldn't deliver the machines. I then had second thoughts on the R8 V 40 int taper, so I went to see a Gate mill, he couldn't deliver and wasn't willing to budge on price, or chuck[;-)] in any tooling. Any way I decided to go and see the cheapest mill I had seen advertised, I didn't consider it as I thought it would be junk. Anyway I bought an Ajax turret mill and a CVA toolroom lathe.

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Ajax Turret Milling Machine

It's my first mill, I have never used a mill so it should be quite entertaining. I gave it a quick wipe over and pushed it into the corner of the garage; I spent the evening before painting the walls and cleaning the windows. When I bought it I had the choice of about ten mills, this was the cheapest and had the best condition table, very little wear on the ways but lot's of lash on the y feednutwhich i have yet to adjust out. it came without a DRO but i managed to get the Newall system of another machine included. so after a quick wipe down I installed the dro, I havn't yet put the guards over the scales as the guards aren't very substantial and will probably be replaced with something a little heavier.

I have just adjusted the backlash, the nuts were moving back and fore, put all the screws and things back properly and it has between 8 and 12 thou lash in the X plane and between 12 and 16 in the Y plane, I was tempted to cut hte nuts so the adjusters cvould be used but it seems fine as it is. of course the DRO helps..


CVA Toolroom Lathe

I had the choice of various lathes but the CVA looked nice, under the thick layer of grease. There were newer lathes but i just had to have it;-) Any way it's a 1955 CVA toolroom lathe, all the things you hear about them say they are really high quality lathes, well what are they like when they are 48 years old?

The bed doesn't look to bad and everything moves nicely, the cross slide nut want's replacing - turns out it's a split nut according to the manual and can be adjusted and it could do with a new coat of paint.

I have always wanted a collet chuck, well I now have one and nice looking 3 and 4 jaw chucks, but they do resemble toys compared to the thints on the Cincinatti.

I moved the lathe into the garage a few days ago, only took an hour to turn it round and get it over all the tree roots and into the garage.

So what's it like, well it hadn't been cleaned since 1955, well it seemed that way.

I gave it a good clean oiled it up, including cleaning the oil pump and all the one way valves in the saddle and it all moves nicely and seems ok, took a light cut of an aluminium tube, er what a finish and the cut would have been chattering like, a thing that chatters, on the Cincinatti. I spose the blt drive for the feeds is why the finish was so good. very impressed.


I took this picture just after it had been cleaned, a coat of paint wouldn't do any harm:-) there are some good pictures at wonder if i got that URL right;-) anyway there are nice description of most lathes an milling machines on .. not one of my Cincinnati though. I will take some pics of the lathe later, when i get around to moving it..

The day before these arived I spent the day knocking up some machine skates, they are very effective, only problem they are useless on my drive because of the big humps caused by the tree root's.

I have to thank peter for the manual, not sure why i need one, maybe it is a good idea to know what oil goes where. my old lathe got a squirt when it started to slow down;-)

ER, Problem.

everything I want to turn is to big for it and I am having to use the Cincinatti.

So it's for sale..£850

I still need another lathe, but it needs to have similar capacity to the Cincinatti..



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