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Perkins Prima Engine Into Land Rover

This all came about because I am such a cheapskate. My landrover did 15-20 mpg, being driven slowly, "It's my petrol and I will burn it as slow as I can". I really want 35-40 mpg. A good starting point is clearly a car engine that is capable of returning 55-60 MPG and if it's from a car that is worth very little that woudl be good. Montego springs to mind;-)

First thing must be the budget, I had hoped to have done this for around £50[seriously]. But it's going to be more than that, I can feel my wallet sweating and it's getting harder to open. Anyway this is the current budget. Below is a picture of the engine in it's new home, hole might be a better description.

  • Complete Donor Car £25
  • Service Items and Cam belt £37
  • Adapter £72
  • Engine Mounts[new steel]£5
  • plating the mounts and some other bit's £5
  • two landy bottom heater hoses £6
  • new diesel engine mounts £5.04
  • Starter and Flywheel £50
  • one 90°fitting for the oil cooler hose
  • sale of the 2.25 petrol engine?
  • Total £205.4

The landrover will take most engines, as long as you can stick a landy clutch plate on the flywheel and can physically bolt the motor to the gearbox, then it's easy[ish].

I have made a wooden pattern for the adapter to fit the engine to the Land Rover Bellhousing, I took the wooden pattern toa local foundry and had one cast in aluminium.

The landrover clutch plate fits on a Sherpa van flywheel, which will bolt to a Montego engine and a Sherpa starter will work with the Sherpa flywheel.

The engine mounts were made from 5mm steel plate. The engine fits onto the original Land Rover chassis engine mounts, with my engine mounts. The alternator had to be re-located to the rh side of the motor, so a new alternator mount was made. That pretty much got the engine bolted in place and connected to the gearbox.

The fuel, exhaust, electrical and coolant systems needed altering, I am trying to avoid any alterations to the land rover, well petrol may become so cheap I could afford to burn it again; not very likely. The ancilary systems were easy enough to fit/connect. I managed to make an exhaust system from the Montego system and the land rover system. The montego engine wiring harness plug was grafted into the Land Rover wiring harness.

I should add a graph or something, so here's one I made earlier. So I will be saving at 2 1/2 thousand miles, not a lot but it gets better. The graph is cost against mileage, for petrol[red] [intersect at zero] and diesel[green] inc the conversion cost[before it was finished]. I did graph this against LPG, the LPG cost more than the diesel to run, not a lot but it is more plus it has higher install costs.

Due to all the enquiries I have started making the adapters. I think I can sell the adapters for £175. 25th April 2003.
****I have made a MkII conversion now, it uses a Land Rover starter and flywheel. So there is no need to hunt for the Sherpa starter and flywheel. See the Prima Conversion menu item. Sept 2006.****



  Cobbled together on the 5th Jan 2003

{last modified 25th April 2003}