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Perkins Prima Turbo Diesel In Land Rover

For Series II-III Land Rover's.

First off, why do the conversion? There are several possible reasons

  1. You need a new engine. The quickest thing to do in this situation is to replace/rebuild your engine with a similar engine. If you go for a new engine, or a Turner rebuilt engine it will last a long time but won't be cheap, to buy or run. There are cheaper alternatives, including a secondhand motor, rebuild yours or a military reconditioned motor...
  2. You want more power, fit a V8[ I will be making kits in 2004 for fitting V8's], fuel economy isn't wonderfull, though mine was as good if not better than a 4cylinder, with the obvious benefits of the V8. I am not considering LPG in this. Fit a 200/300TDi or even TD5, ideal engines and they make good power, a bit on the pricey side however. The list goes on, including one of my favorites in this section, tune the 4 cylinder[I don't like to see an engine under-perform].
  3. You want economy, well I am told a 200/300 TDi should do 30+mpg? The stock petrol will return 20 mpg maybe a few more if driven very carfully. My V8 did about 15-18 mpg and I never gave the fuel a though, so I don't think it was worse than a 4 cyl. My Montego engined Lightweight does 34 MPG driven with the throttle wide open..
  4. You just like to be Contary, so when people yak about their [ german car] you can talk about your Montego diesel;-)
  5. Another reason that's so blindingly obvious, that I have overlooked it?

Once you have decided on the conversion you have several options. I suggest you read the web pages of people who have done the conversion, search Google to find them. They are all pretty similar though, well they should be as the conversion is the same. The graph below is the fuel cost against miles, red is the 2.25 petrol and green is the Montego tdi, well I have saved 200 quid by now[I started wring this a while ago I have now done 10k so have saved a few Shekels more].. It gets much better when you extrapolate to 80-100 thousand miles, does make you wonder why you don't get a turbo diesel Smart car though..

How I carried the conversion out might not be the only way. Or the best way for you as I have quite a few tools, which means I can fabricate my way around most problems, that you might have to buy/find, I do try and remember this while 'suggesting' ways to do the conversion, it's just that I forget every now and again..

Details of my conversion include details of making the pattern and adapter, well some people don't want to buy to anything..


In stock, or ready to be machined/plated.

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Full details of parts'n' prices are on the bits I flog page



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