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MKII Prima to Land Rover Adapter Plate.

The MK2 conversion kit came about because of difficulties obtaining the starters and flywheels for the earlier conversion. This conversion uses a Land Rover 200/300 TDi starter motor and a 2-1/4 petrol flywheel; both components are easy to obtain any where in the world. The conversion is more expensive as an adapter to fit the flywheel to the crankshaft is required. I think the cost difference must be offset against the ease of finding starters and flywheels.

The conversion was designed to locate the starter so it gives foot-well clearance and a location that doesn't require replacement of the engine breather, it's all a bit close but it clears. The new adapter is also fifteen mm deeper than MK I, so there is more bulkhead clearance and no need to slide the gearbox forwards.

The top-menu items relate to this variation of the conversion.

The MK2 adapter plates are 230.

The crankshaft adapters are 50.

The engine mounts sets are 100.

The radiator hose joiners are 20.

****** I am still making adapters ******

I have missed some phone calls, please use email if the phone isn't answered. 25th November 2012.

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