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The MK 1 Conversion.

The first conversion[MK 1] uses a Sherpa van flywheel and starter motor. 2.0 litre diesel Sherpa/LDV vans were fitted with a normally aspirated prima engine and an LT77 gearbox. The conversion is good and the parts are often easily available, however once breakers advertising Sherpa parts realised what people wanted the parts for they suddenly decided they should be priced extortianatly. But you could often walk into a breakers yard and pick the parts up easily and cheaply The adapter is cast in a heat treated aluminium and bolts between the prima engine and Land Rover series gearbox. The Sherpa starter and flywheel complete it. I can still have this adapter cast.

    The MK1 conversion prices are:
  • Adapters: 230
  • Engine Mount Set: 100
  • Pilot Bush Adapter: 22

A freshly machined mk 1 adapter.

****** I am still making adapters ******

I have missed some phone calls, please use email if the phone isn't answered. 25th November 2012.

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