A lot of This is Incomplete


I thought I would do a quick update, I won't even pretend that I am thinking of getting around to finishing some of the unfinished pages. Though I am going to tidy up the Perkins-Land rover pages.

I eventually put a diesel engine in my landrover, about the only trip I have made in it since it's been in it, well one of the trips I was putting off till I had the oil burner in it was a quick 504 mile round trip to Wales and back. cost almost half what it would have with the petrol engine. nice;-) I went to wales to score some bit's of kit for my garage, I got a CVA lathe and a milling machine. I have been saying "I will get a milling machine soon" since 1980;-)

The Conversion and adapter pages are sort of mingled! I will try and keep a page up to date with prices, stock of adapters and mount's. It will all be available from one of the menu items, which one well that would be telling....

Back to the milling machine if you happen to have rakes of tooling you don't want I would really appreciate some, a 40 int boring head would be pretty cool. Spose a picture of my baby would be appropriate

I keep forgetting to finish the bandit parts manual, its on this site here [I will finsh it, honest] and i just started puttingf a CVA lathe manual together here

Someone pointed out my search boxes don't work. Well thats what happens when you cut and paste code in dreaweaver, ahh back to homesite/notpad for me.. I now use the Crimson editor it's free and it works really well, tabbed files is just great;-). I digress, back to the search boxes, bet there are a load of people who don't know what Altavista, Excite, Magellen were. logo
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Figure 1. Ajax AJT4 turret mill.

I had an e-mail asking why I haven't put anything about me or my background on any of these pages, I am a boring git and there's not a lot more to say. There I said the lot.

Figure 2. Solidworks model for the new adapter.

Need Story of a bike bought from a ripoff bike dealer HERE.



  Cobbled together on the 27th April 2000

{last modified 8th may 02}