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Omega Speedmaster Professional 1967

I have decided to sell my old speedmaster, 1967 speedie with 321 Lemania Movement, proper one as worn on the moon. They only made them for two years and are becoming increasingly rare, at one time I remeber a dealer saying he didn't have any 'Moon' watches only the old pre engraved ones, which no one wanted.

The watch is all original and has been worn almost everyday since 1967, untill I had it serviced last year and I was told it was worth quite a bit and I shouldn't wear it everyday - in a workshop.

There are no bad scratches, a new old stock bezel and hands, even a new face could be put on it and it would look 'in good condition', I prefer it like it is.

Digital Hinote Ultra 2000

This has a

  • Pentium 233 MMX cpu,
  • 96 MB of ram, 144 mb max.
  • 4[?] mb graphics, is fine at lots of colours on a 14" display at 1024x768 with photos
  • Sound, usuall wonderful laptop sound.
  • Interchangable floppy and CDrom.I don't have the cddrive..
  • Built in 10/100 network card
  • built in 56 K modem
  • parallel and serial port.
  • Infrared Port.
  • 4 gb hard disk.
  • 14" display.
  • synaptics pad and PS2 port for a mouse/keyboard.
  • Came from dec with NT, also available with win95, This had a sticker on it proclaiming "digital microsoft, alliance for enterprise computing. NT 4.0"
  • I have had redhat linux on it and it has win98 with 98lite at the moment, it's all functioning properly. loads straight off a win 98 disk.
  • comes with windows 98 on it.

that should find the drivers....

a few differances here

and another:

Just to remind me where the dec doc's and drivers are

Suzuki GSX1100E

An original gsx11, don't see a whole lot of these about. I have owned it since 1995 and it has never needed anything doing, the milage is getting a bit high, must be near 40,000 well maybe the high 30's. press the button and it starts and that's all there is to it. Pictures are on another page.

£1350 and it's yours

I have started to use my free websapce at

********If you are interested in the mini or one of the bikes they are at the freeserve site.********

centerscope level scope

Not more stuff !!!!


Turbo, i have no idea what it's for but it's a recon unit.
£100 anyone? click me for bigger pic

  • OnGuard 500 UPS, see cleary psu web page for details, this is new and unopened. £30
  • 2Gig hdd..£5
  • twenty 1 mb 30 pin simms..£5
  • two 4 mb 30 pin simms..£5
  • A sony 5010 Dat drive, internal 4/8 Gb..£5
  • A HP external jetstore 2000 Dat drive 2/4 Gb..£5
  • An external CD-rom, any 5 1/4 scsi device will fit in the case..£5
  • This is getting boring, I am looking around and seeing what I don't need
  • Sinclair spectrum computer, still in "dixons special offer" box..offers
  • BBC model b with some disk drives..offers
  • Kyocera laser printer FS400, needs a £12 tk11 cartridge. £35
  • Pace external Modem, 33.6, might be flashable to 56k?..£5
  • Tulip 386 laptop..broken..Fixable with patiance, injinuity and a soldering I can tell you exactly what needs doing..
  • Centersope, MSE, no 3 morse taper but the spindle looks like it comes out. Acording to instuctions it is good for setting out within a tenth of a thou. Made by MSE London, comes with it's special slip gauge and the instruction manual/leaflet, £150
  • Scope, not sure if it has a specific purpose, it has a graduated line on one of the optic elements graduated in thousandths of an inch, I just used it to measure the dimensions of an acme thread, it is pretty good, boxed, £40
  • Rabone Chesterman level, iron machinist's level £35
  • Linear 0-25 mm micrometer, this is new so a bargain at £15
  • Moore and Wright 1 inch micrometer, with ball anvils[measuring surfaces] £25
  • Fix equipment plastic bins, like linbins, size 4, 50p each
  • other plastic bins aproc 75mmx75mmx50, 16 of them for £5
  • steel stillages, angle framed mesh stackable storage bins, 24x18x24[inches]4 of them for £20
  • 24 inch Chesterman vernier, £35
  • verdict gauge, lever dti, graduated in 1/2 thou's. £20
  • BMW 318 1982[E21] plastic grill, lh and rh parts, new and unused. £20
  • Kawasaki zxr h1/h2 offside seat panel, £10
  • Suzuki RGV lh and rh seat panels, new. £40 pair
  • Simpson gearbox flak jacket, very scruffy looking £10
  • Cosworth Sierra manuals, 2 volumes as new. £50
  • Cosworth Sierra left hand door window, £30
  • Yamaha OWO1 wheels, haven't been used..£100
  • Harley mag wheels from a 90's Sportster/FXR £100
  • MotorRun Phase converter, runs 3 phase equipment between 1/3hp and 4 hp £200
  • landrover 2.25 petrol engine, military recon ~12-16 thousand miles, £100.





  Cobbled together on the 20th Dec 2000

{last modified 26th April 2001}