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Cross Bow Plans

I made this cross bow in 1980, Originally I made it with an aluminium bow, but I bought the glass bow that it has at present, the glassbow doesn't seem any better than the aluminium bow.

The stock was carved from part of a sofa we were throwing away, don't ask me what wood it is, I can recognise Oak and that's about it. Before the bow was finished I broke the stock - stood on it-, hence the fibreglassed bit where you hold it. My plans are based on the dimensions of the aluminium bow, I will modify the plans or include all the details for different bows; the length of the stock between trigger and bow needs to be different for a different bow, but these are details that will come with a bow.

There isn't any machining involved- I did use a circular saw to make the fletch slot- your basic tools to form a bit of wood and hacksaw and file to make the trigger mechanism, is all that's needed. The aluminium bow dimensions I used are in the plans, the bow has to be heat treated I actually went to a local heat treatment place and asked what material to use and where to obtain it localy-worked for me.

I will include a drawing of the jig I used to make the strings and the dimensions of the wooden bolt's; some of the wooden bolt's were better than fibreglass ones I bought and as they cost very little it didn't matter when I lost them.

The drawings are done in 3d with autocad, there are several ways you could have the plans, reduced scale, mulitiple A4(letter size) sheets at 1:1, or I could get an A0 plot done.

I would like to sell these rather than giving them away, I was thinking about £10, plus the price of plotting if you wanted a 1:1 plan, I will write an instruction book to go with them.


I am going to try and get details of ready made bows... available in Europe, Australia and the US    


  Cobbled together on the 21st May 2002

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