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When I was building my Sierra race car, I needed to bead the aluminium for the interior. Not knowing how beading was done I went to a machine dealers and asked if he had a beading tool for sale, so I could get a look at how it worked. The bloke said "you need a jenny" he dug around in a pile of what looked like scrap produced a thing that resembled a heavy duty hand drill; he told me "it needs rollers and a new handle, so you can have it for £275", if it had been £20 I wouldn't have bought it. I didn't really get a look at how it worked before it was chucked back in the pile of junk, something to do with me laughing?

I new that it used rollers so it was fairly obvious that I needed to roll the metal between two rollers that had the required bead on the radial surface and were driven at the same speed, in opposite directions. That's about all there is to it.

The beadroller was used on racecar interior, 22 swg ali and 16[drivers floor]swg ali; I also used it for stepping repair panels for cars, so it also worked with 20 swg[?] steel. I would include a picture of it but 10[?] years behind the polisher and it looks disgusting. Figure 1 and 2 are renderings of the autocad drawing of it, yes I haven't mastered rendering.

Construction drawings suggestions?
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I will put the autocad drawing on this site, I think you have to have a plugin to view them unless you have a Cad program. I will check out the plugin and see what it's like.
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