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Java Speed Calculator


I wrote a simple Calculator exactly like this but including sprocket sizes, no of teeth, using VB. script. I used it to compare some speed calculations someone had made, I thought an update would be a good subject for a simple Java program. So here it is, I can't make any sense of the help files with jbuilder, j++ or suns Java workshop. I wrote it as an application then spent ages trying to make it into an applet. Major things wrong: I can't understand how to trap errors, the only way I managed to format was with some really ugly code to snip the characters off a string.

So it doesn't format the output, you get a double precision number. Don't leave: blanks, Nan's[not a number] or to many zeros. I have put sample numbers in just press calculate to see the speed.

Leave a zero in the one you want to calculate, and press calculate; you can select kph or mph and tyre sizes or tyre diameter. Tyre sizes are radial 235 60 16 for 7.5x 16 measure the tyre diameter or calculate the appropriate size?

Any suggestions, tips on Java etc. mail me.





  Cobbled together on the 14 th April 2001

{last modified 18 th April}